Once upon a time there was a polar bear cub who loved to draw. He drew instead of going outside to play, he drew while he was in class (and got in trouble for it), he drew at the supper table and he drew on things he probably shouldn't have drawn on (and got in trouble for that too). When he grew up he was swept away by the computer age and became an IT guy. But something weighed heavily upon his brow, that love of art and exploring the infinite possibilities of his imagination through drawing. He began crafting desktop wallpaper designs on deviantArt and suddenly he realized, "This is what I want to do! I want to do design!" So he ditched his IT job and went back to school, attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, graduating in March 2012. He chose to follow his own path after school - and is now Lead Designer for Omnilert, safeguarding people's lives everyday. That cub, who loved to draw, doodle and spawn multitudes of gray hairs upon the heads of his parents, is me.


Graphic Artist

In 2007 I ditched my IT job to follow my true passion: design! After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in March 2012, I launched my own design studio, Pixelworx Idea Factory, and began finding clients. During this time I explored many genres of design, from web design, to print, to branding and corporate identity, to illustration and ultimately finding my true love: UI/UX. After three awesome years running my own business, I closed that chapter and joined an amazing team at Omnilert as Lead Designer - putting all the skills I built up to good use. I have also joined a startup called Whiteboard Applications, to design and produce an amazing new way to collaborate and share information called Unite. You can view my design work by scrolling down a bit more.



When I was seven years old my parents discovered I had a musical gift and enrolled me in piano lessons. As I grew up I realized I wanted to write my own music rather than perform music. In middle school I played percussion and clarinet in the school orchestra, but it wouldn't be until I was in my early twenties that I would begin composing classical music. For nearly twenty-five years I have composed everything from simple piano pieces to works for full orchestra. In May 2015 I was chosen to be composer for a web documentary called In Character, which was a great experience and resulted in further growth and refinement of my style. You can listen to every note I have ever written here on this site, just choose Music from the menu at the top of the page or click on this super convenient link: Music.



In 2005 I began writing a short story called Two Brothers. That story evolved and grew into a full book and I felt compelled to continue the story through two sequels, each larger than the last. While I am not actively writing these days, simply because there aren't enough hours in the day, I do still dabble on short stories and poetry from time to time. You can download all of my books from my book site, just choose Books from the menu at the top of this page, or click on this handy-dandy link: Books.





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